Your Imagination is a muscle! Let's exercise it!


While Steve’s expertise in writing is quite evident, his ability to transfer those skills to the students is a true gift. His presentation is unique, valuable and transferable to older students.

-- Grace Coddington, Cherry Valley-Springfield Central School, Cherry Valley, NY

I enjoyed creating stories and learning how to do interviews. You have inspired me to become an English major in college.

-- Danny B., Grade 9, Mt. Hope Bay Academy, Warren, RI

Steve’s visit was a special treat and a refreshing glimpse of both creativity and imagination.

-- Roberta Hough, Teacher - Grade 5, May Grisham School, Santa Maria, CA

"Nudging the Imagination" is a collection of literacy workshops developed and presented by Steven Krasner, an award-winning children's author, who has been traveling around the country, sharing his love and enthusiasm for writing with students of all ages for more than 20 years.

Steven Krasner also has been a sports writer for the Providence (RI) Journal for more than 30 years, covering the Boston Red Sox on a daily basis since 1986.

The workshops take on several forms, all of which are fun-filled, highly interactive and motivational for students, teachers and parents, tying into the application of standards and leading to independent and enthusiastic writers.

  • Classroom Workshops – Various grade-appropriate K-12 sessions in which students use their imaginations to collaboratively write narratives, mysteries, tall tales, video magazines, and newspaper articles, among other projects. All content areas can be woven into these exercises.
  • Professional Development – Interactive workshops that suggest ways in which the teacher can easily integrate writing across the curriculum.
  • Parent & Student Workshop – Improvisational story writing. A night of writing and fun with parents and children creating their own story together.
  • Author Visits - Invite award-winning children’s author Steven Krasner into your school to talk about how to become an author, as well as to conduct interactive workshops that detail the process of creating a book.
  • Mystery Scripts as Fundraisers - A collaboratively generated script that can be staged as a spaghetti-supper fundraiser, bringing positive publicity to your school and community.