PTO Fundraising

Looking for a way to raise money for your students? Want to involve your community in a school fundraising project?

Steven Krasner can help you do that! And tie into the curriculum at the same time, either remotely or in person!

How about a Mystery Dinner Theater spaghetti-supper, featuring a performance of a script students have collaboratively created with Steven Krasner during a “Nudging the Imagination” writing residency?

Or how about a whole-school collaborative chapter book of cliff-hangers, which the students have written with Steve’s guidance in another one of his residencies?

Steve, a National Education Consultant, award-winning children’s author and a retired sports writer who covered the Boston Red Sox on a daily basis for 22 years, can blend classroom writing that aligns with the standards and curriculum into these projects, which easily lend themselves to School Fundraisers.

In the Mystery Dinner Theater script-writing residency, for students in Grades 4 and up, Steve helps the students create the mystery play (never a murder mystery!) from soup to nuts, either in person or virtually, with each class adding to the process as it goes along. Steve records their suggestions on his laptop.

The first class chooses the setting, the second class brainstorms for the 24 character types and starts to give them character traits, and on and on through the writing of two acts. Only the final class gets to solve the mystery, deciding not only Who did it, but also How the crime was committed, Why the crime was committed and How the thief was discovered. The script generally is 12-14 pages, and can be performed as a creative school fundraiser!  

In the collaborative chapter book of cliff-hangers, the first class, with Steve’s guidance and work on his laptop, brainstorms for characters and a setting and then writes the chapter to a point at which there is a problem. The next class resolves that problem and moves the story forward to another problem, which the next class resolves, and on and on.

This involves every student in the school. PTOs bind these chapters into books, which they sell to the families as yet another creative and unique School Fundraiser.



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